Best Free Streaming Sites: Watch Movies & TV Series Online

Watching movies and TV series is the best way to pass the time in the internet. However, it is not that easy to find such sites where you can enjoy your favorite films and TV series easily. There are too many websites in the internet full of popular movies of all genres and the quantity of these sites is so enormous so it becomes evident you cannot cope without our help.

The purpose of this resource was to compile only the best websites where you can watch movies online for free. Each item in the list below is perfectly made for providing to you the most suitable place for streaming TV series and films. You will never have to find another site to continue watch your favorite films for, we can assure, you will find everything you need right there. It concerns all the websites which you see here.

The best movie streaming sites – what else a human being can desire to be happy? Well, there is only one thing – free HD streaming. That is it.

Last updated: 23 October 2016

# MOVIE SITE NAME Stream on MobileSite adapted for smartphones and tablets Stream in HDStreaming in HD format MoviesSite to stream MOVIES TV SeriesSite to stream TV SHOWS DesignRating design RatingLeave your rating for site
1 10k+ 5k+ 5
2 50k+ 5k+ 8
3 60k+ 15k+ 9
4 60k+ 25k+ 6
5 80k+ 20k+ 6
6 100k+ 50k+ 7
7 1000k+ 1500k+ 10
8 40k+ 5k+ 7
9 100k+ 35k+ 6
10 90k+ 30k+ 8
11 10 35k+ 5
12 50k+ 20k+ 8
13 10k+ 0 7
14 35k+ 10k+ 6
15 60k+ 15k+ 7
16 40k+ 15k+ 7
17 30k+ 10k+ 6
18 100k+ 40k+ 10
19 0 30k+ 5

Are you wondering what is the best website for streaming movies online in HD? Alright, here is a little hint – Hulu! If you are a born cinema-addict you will certainly like this internet resource. First of all, there are so many movies, TV series, shows and other exquisite stuff for watching that you will never get bored. The creators of the site have made all things on the highest level to help you to enjoy everything you watch here.

Two options are available: an account with limited commercials and without commercials. To use the first one you have to pay $7.99. The price of the latter is $11.99. All the prices are for a month. In addition, you can try free trial period. Anyway, it is clear that the site is worth the money you pay for there you can obtain everything and have it at hand.

Are you bored with awful and dull movie streaming sites that do not have some movies or TV shows you would like to watch? It is not a problem anymore, because there is a really splendid one – Crackle.

There is no doubt you are going to fall in love with this website which allows you to have an access to streaming TV shows and movies in HD for free. Yes, you did not mishear – Crackle is free. For this zero price you can watch everything you want – the most popular movies, successful TV series – in a single word there you can get an everlasting entertainment!

Crackle do not just upload famous films and shows, it also makes its own original series. For sure, after hearing this you do not have any doubts whether to visit this site or not. Your answer should be “yes” because you will never regret.

That is, probably, the most popular website among the others. A simple design of it copes with its assignment – it does not distract you from a very uneasy process of thinking what to watch next. The algorithm of finding some piece of art in cinema industry is very easy – you just fill the search fields, choose genres and then click “search”.

Together with Putlocker, 123movies is the most popular movie streaming site where you can watch movies and Tv series online absolutely for free in HD and on all devices. The site has a pretty design, simple navigation and a big choise of movies.

Another great choice of a real cinema-addict. A wonderful décor is very pleasing to the eye and in the same time it helps to navigate through the website. Here you can visit “top-films”, “A-Z”, and other lists of various movies of different genres. You have to remember, such lists are not for advising the best films to watch, they just help you to make the reasonable choice.

Are you looking for websites that have many films and series in HD? You are in the right place. Here is at your service only the newest and popular movies in a good quality. The main page of the site can help you with choosing what to watch firstly if you do not know about your preferences yet.

New movies, popular films and the best TV series? Do you really want to find only the prominent ones? Then you have found a perfect place for it. Only the best of the best, the most recent films are waiting for you on this website. As the other sites, this one has an ability to do search using genre, actor, year, country and rating settings.

“Watch the best movies…” – says the title on the main page of this website. Really, it is a fine spot for finding and watching films and TV series. In general, this site is similar to other ones (though it can be said about any movie website), but is has its own peculiarity – here you can read articles about filmmaking industry, news of cinema and helpful advises for people who love movies.

This website stands out for its minimalistic design. The main page greets you with a big search query and the only thing you have to do is to enter the name of your favorite film. After this you can choose the precise episode of a show you want to watch. It is so easy that everyone accustoms to it. So enjoy watching movies here!

This one offers you a wide variety of different TV series, popular and new movies. Except ordinary film genres the site can perform sorting by “Recently added movies” and “ Best rated movies”. As you see, it becomes very simple when it comes to choosing to what you can devote your time.

Vumoo has an incredible design: when you are on the home page you can see a big poster of any new or popular movie. It literally shows you the most popular film and all you have to do is to find this very movie in “Most popular this week” category. A big choice of genres, search by name, rating or relevance is by default.

Wolowtube just as YouTube has many films and TV shows (to tell the truth, not that much as the latter has). Nevertheless, this fact does not minimize worth of this resource for here you can find the most popular TV series, movies of any genre and there is more to come. Visit this website and check it out!

This recently emerged website with lots of TV series, movies and shows is ready to serve you. Among standard functions and many ways of searching there is one thing which makes this site so precious – you can make a request and shortly after this you can enjoy your movie you did order. You have to admit, the service is just as in grand hotels.

The following great resource has support for many devices such as iPhone, iPad and others. Here you can activate a trial period for a month and estimate its pros and cons. There are three variants of accounts: basic, standard and premium. HD is available only in standard and premium. There is no doubt, high quality is worth the price.
On watch series online you can watch series online. Seriously. You can create your personal playlist of favorites TV shows. Also you can use TV Guide to find pieces of art that are worth to be seen.

Movies of different genres and kinds are waiting for you to be seen on this website. Every film, which you can meet here deserves your time undoubtedly. In addition you are going to find 3D movies in HD. That is a very special thing for such websites, isn’t it?
Another website which specialty is TV series. No films at all. Only series, only hardcore!. Just one thing to say: here you won’t find any links or players with shows. It is said in the beginning: there is TV schedule only! However, this resource can be very useful for ones who want to watch everything and adjust their time to it.

The main film genres on this site are drama, comedy and action, though there are also adventure, animation and other familiar genres. The panel in the right with the most popular movies will show you the way you should follow to be familiar with the latest trends.

Moviedogs is a new small movie streaming site that contacted us last week and asked to be added to our toplist. The site was launched few weeks ago and has not much movies published, but all movies provide real stream integrated into the site. This makes for visitors to watch movies online absolutely for free, without registration and advertising. The team of moderators publish new movies daily, so we hope the site will get a better movie choise very soon.

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